WEDDINGS: We are pleased that you may be considering Saint Mary’s as a place to celebrate your wedding. Saint Mary’s is a wonderful picturesque church for small wedding ceremonies of up to 50 people.

There are also superb after ceremony venues very close by for the wedding function, such as Willow Glen, Woodlands Historic Homestead, and Zealong Tea Estate.

Saint Mary’s is available for weddings in accordance to the cannon law on Marriage of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia. You do not have to be church goers to get married here, though at least one of you must be a baptised Christian. You do not have to be an Anglican Christian either, though the marriage service will be conducted by the vicar of St Mary’s and it will be an Authorized Anglican wedding service.

The use of another Christian Minister for the wedding ceremony is at the discretion of the vicar of Saint Mary’s, and if permission is granted, respect for the furnishings of the church’s Anglican tradition are to be upheld and not to be changed.

Should your planned wedding fall in late November through to December/January, please be aware that the church may be decorated for Christmas, and the decorations are not to be moved.

The couple must meet the vicar of Saint Mary’s at least twice prior to the ceremony, once for an initial planning of the ceremony alongside a Marriage Preparation discussion, and the other for a rehearsal.

We do not charge for the sacrament of marriage, but we do ask couples to pay for the cost of using the church as well as a donation for the vicar who holds a part-time position. If you require the use of our organist, a donation for her service is also suggested.

Cost: Church: $400.00

Donations: Vicar: $150.00  Organist: $70.00

You will be asked to pay a deposit of $50.00 to confirm your wedding date.  See the booking form for more details.

For further details and bookings please contact Sally-Ann Riddell  on 022 1077562

To download the booking form that has further details, please click here:


FUNERALS: We offer condolences during this sad time if you are here to look at St Mary’s as a place to hold a funeral for a loved one.

Please note that the cemetery adjacent to the church is not overseen by St Mary’s, but is owned and managed by the Waikato District Council.

As the Vicar works in a part time position for the church, holding a funeral at St Mary’s is at his discretion, as he may not have the capacity to organize and lead a service during the working week. Priority will be given to parishioners who attend St Mary’s.

Another clergy person or funeral celebrant may be used to hold the service at the discretion of the Vicar.

Please note that in late November and through December/January, the church is usually decorated for Christmas, making it practically difficult to hold a funeral service, as the decorations may not be moved.

Cost: Church: $400.00

Donations: Vicar: $150.00